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Train and Hire Services

Under the Train and Hire Services, Bhuvi Academy provides quality training close to “On Job Ready” for final year students aspiring to join MNC’s and global organizations. This service of “Train and Hire” is professionally run and managed by industry experts having a robust model for educational institutions in our campus engagement.
The bundling of training in Technical, Soft Skill and Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL) for services or Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for application development enables the candidates to become “Job Ready”. Our Train and Hire team engages the hiring company in the pre-selection process during campus recruitment drives. The pre-selected candidates undergo customized training workshops that are aligned with the pre-determined job positions.

Bhuvi Academy’s Train and Hire engagement model helps organizations to deploy new recruits directly onto live projects. This in turn brings about remarkable productive turnaround time from campus to corporate. Also the bench strength can be considerably brought down thereby saving profits the organization.
Based on our experience in competency profiling and training professionals. We have been able to come up with training programs that are aligned with the required hard and soft skills based on the project requirements. This has led us to having 100% success rate in placing trained manpower into their respective new roles.
The Train and Hire service follows a strict governance model makes sure all the stake holders participate in ensuring the selection and training of the right candidates for required the job. The training is tuned to the requirements as specified in project so as to help the new employees be productive from day one.

Client Role

  • Resource Requirement plan. (Quarterly basis)
  • Pre-Screening the candidates with Aptitude test
  • Review / approve Vendor Test process
  • Training curriculum
  • Modules / Course content Review / approve Vendor
  • Periodical Assessment
  • Initial Pre-screening
  • Mid-way Training
  • Final selection

The benefits of this initiative

  • Reduction in holding cost – saving on salary during training
  • No training cost – save cost incurred by L&D team
  • Avoiding high bench cost – no waiting period for projects
  • Less attrition faced in fresh recruits category
  • Also this model gives an opportunity to the new graduate to get
    a job of his liking at a company of repute and preference

Vendor Role

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Quality training close to “On Job Ready”
  • “JIT” placement when project ready.
  • Capacity planning and support for high volume requirements.


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