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Attitude management

The workshop is focused on improving the participant’s behavior at the work environment. We understand that there will always be employees at work with attitude and disciplinary problem. The root cause could be any and it is best addressed to the individual way of thinking and in their responding to events. Organizations should ensure that attitude problems are addressed at the initial stage and not wait till it affects the productivity of the team.

Building Relations at campus at work

The course provides training to hone the essential skills for effective and productive communication. It helps the participant bring clarity in his/her interaction with others. It will help participants in building constructive and mutually beneficial work relationships. Participants will also learn to analyze situations and be conscientious in our interaction with others and become a mindful communicator and a good team player. Also the Workshop is filled with exercises that helps experience and learn through role plays and group activity. There will be short movies screened to observe and learn from them.

Attitude management

Participants in this workshop will be provided with a set of skills to observe and understand what others are conveying through their body expressions. This will also give the participant the ability to know how one’s own body is being observed and make changes to improve their non-verbal communication and attitude. The workshop also teaches how to create first impressions using one’s body posture, body movements and facial expressions. Exercising these techniques by letting participants observe each other and hone their body language skills. Also the course is only filled with exercise that helps one to experience and learn the use of body language with role plays and group activity. There will be short movies screened to observe and learn the various intricacies of body language, gestures and expressions.

Campus to Corporate Transition

This course is for freshers’ onboarding in their first job. Coming from an academic environment which is protected and monitored to a large extent, new employees (first time) need that hand holding guidance that’s gets them acclimatized to an office environment. This is specially made for the engineering graduates joining global organization with cross cultural atmosphere. This workshop helps participants to introspect and quickly adapt to the new environment.

Client Management

The course is modified to suit respective industry requirements and focuses on the development client management skills to help employees offer superior client support and create more business opportunity. The workshop addresses the various aspects of client relationship for participants with hands on exercises under realistic scenarios to amplify the principles and concepts based on the participants work experience.

Coaching and mentoring

Bhuvi Academy has the perfect workshop for managers to help improvise their leadership approach to that of being a mentor and coach. This workshop will guide participants to using best practices and proven approaches for working with employees for boosting their motivation, performance and productivity. The participants in this course will learn the most effective coaching methods and how to use them on their staff to improve their performance.

Confidence Building

Building self-confidence relies on our ability to see ourselves in a positive way and in living up to our potential. The course helps participants to find their true potential, create a sense of value in them and change their negative perspectives into a positive outlook and act upon it. The course helps one, not only in changing their perspectives, but also by taking pride their ability, recognizing one’s insecurity and adopting a positive mindset. This workshop suits all who need to gain confidence, improve self-esteem and need to develop assertive skills at the workplace.

Conflict Management

The Conflict management workshop’s objective is to help participants manage conflicts at the workplace. The course takes one through the conflict management principles that could effectively tackle any conflict situation in a clear, rational, assertive, and non-aggressive manner. Conflicts at work are common and it is important for people to understand conflicts and know how to resolve them. As employees are striving to prove their worth to the company they work for can lead to clashes with other members. Also conflicts would arise due to various reasons like miscommunication, moody and emotional employees and lack of interpersonal skills amongst employees.

Cross Cultural Business Etiquette

Business etiquette varies from culture to culture at times making it delicate skill to maintain good relations or building cultural bridges. The Bhuvi Academy Cross Cultural workshops help you to understand how different cultures communicate and behave. And then learn to adapt and apply the appropriate business etiquette as per the local custom to effectively conduct business.

Customer Client servicing

The workshop provides training on the skills needed to communicate professionally, gain respect, enhance customer relationships, and keep the customers coming back for more. The priority the organization assigns to customer service relative to other components, such as product innovation or low price. In this sense, an organization that values good customer service may spend more money in training employees than average organization, or proactively interview customers for feedback.

Dealing with others

This is an interpersonal behavioural workshop which understands the significance of this skill and has designed a workshop that would help participants improve their people skills to make an impact and meet with success at their workplace. The workshop guides the participants through a series of exercises, role plays enacting the right behavior and attitude to get the best results.

Employee Engagement

The workshop will help organizations change from a transactional approach of traditional employee relations to a strategic approach focusing on relationship-oriented employee commitment. Organizations will learn to develop competencies that are required to build employee engagement strategies and foresee the risks and the implications when making this transition. This course is designed for all professionals who are involved in the organizational strategy. Also appropriate for those wanting to learn strategic skills to take up leadership roles.

Employee grievance handling

At Bhuvi Academy, the grievance handling workshop aims to enable you with the skills to handle employee grievances and take disciplinary actions, such that difficult employee situations can be turned around to become opportunities to enhance employee performance.

Goal setting and follow up

The workshop on Goal Setting from Bhuvi Academy will give a clear understanding of how this skill can help attain and achieve results. This step by step process guides one to become adept at organizing day to day activity. This method would drive to act on an outcome based activity rather than simply doing things. And make one more effective and save time. The step by step process of setting goals will teach you about SMART and LEAP to prepare a well-set goal and work towards attaining it.

Improving personality

There are many nuances that go into defining ones personality that helps individuals change the way they perceive about themselves and behave in different situations. The Bhuvi Academy personality development workshop helps participants understand themselves better and shape their thinking and self-perception and the perception of others. Participants at the workshop will involve themselves in group discussions and team building activities, to help them shape their personality and speaking skills.

Induction and Orientation

In the fast paced global business environment, organizations have fewer time and resources giving a formal orientation to each and every employee that comes aboard. An orientation may encompass a look at the organizational manual, a few introductions, or even less. At Bhuvi Academy we realize the constraints faced by organizations today and have come up with a solution that takes of your in-house induction and orientation sessions.

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